Contest in the best battle- 먹튀


Cyberspace has made the global market so close to one another in each perspective. Let us take an illustration of online games; the web has made opponents converge at a common platform to compare against your friends or anyone in the entire world. 먹튀 is one of the greatest real-time strategy games you can come across, though a Korean invention; with the internet, it has unquestionably crossed the lines. Let us further detail a bit about the awesomeness of the game.


Are you enthusiastic about the clash?

It is a multiplayer game but the player capacity is infinite which means due to broadband internet access more and more countries have commenced playing and as such hundreds and thousands of players can play the same game. Moreover, the popularity of the game has increased the players worldwide.

  • Gameplay: – Strategy games are all about making a strengthened army, building townships, gathering resources and conquering opponents by destroying their units and township. There are 5 stages and one move ahead when the player conquers rival towns and empires completely in a particular stage. The infantry one creates is the one which will act as villagers as their powers are diminished and will collect the resources. Food is obtained by the most traditional ways of livestock, farming and fishing. Wood and stone collected by natural depositories help build housing, marketplace, town centres and castles, or in general the civilization. Infantry consists of only spearmen and pikemen and all the tasks are performed by them. Of course, the gold and wealth of your civilization impact the health and abilities of these.
  • System Requirements:-

-OS- Minimum-7 and recommended anything above7- 64 bit

– Memory- Minimum 2 GB RAM whereas 4 GB is advisable

– Video card and the Sound card should be there

– Free Disk Space required is more; at least 8 GB

Have you already started playing?

The contenders of the game are always in increase since the day of initiation. The links for the game is easily available on the internet and participants even have the option to play offline. But for that all one has to do is install from the game’s official server. The latest version of 먹튀 is in High definition making the battle even more fierce and aggressive. It is free to play online and the only specifications are the ones mentioned above. Start clashes right away!