Costly noob mistakes that you can avoid in Apex Legends

Apex Legends

Apex Legends may be on its way to making the top battle royale online multiplayer game in the world, despite having some weapons balance issues particularly when the wingman and the peacekeeper are unfairly the two strongest weapons that can eliminate an entire squad with just a single clash, depending on the player’s skill set and marksmanship, however, that does not mean that will be your excuse on why you totally suck at playing Apex Legends.

If you believe your Apex Legends gaming is not that good and you are on the verge of quitting, maybe it is too early for that kind of drama because you are not totally alone in this situation and this does not mean that there is no room for you to improve your gaming skills.

You probably made a habit out of making mistakes in each of your gaming sessions which might be the main reason why you are not that good in playing Apex Legends, and to help you out, here are some noob mistakes that you may be practicing without noticing and how to completely avoid it so that you can start improving your game or better be using an apex legends hack tool by downloading an apex legends hack apk.

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  • Not staying with your teammates- You probably having this kind of mistakes over and over again where you fight individually because you want to loot weapons, armors, and a lot of stuff that leads being killed by enemy squads. A lot of campers are being criticized for fighting for themselves rather for the team which does not entirely work for Apex Legends knowing that it is a battle royale genre game where your character which is called “Legend” has a specific ability that is unique and has a specific role that helps your team gain the upper hand against the enemy squad unless you have an apex legends hack or an apex legends cheats. Fighting individually in Apex Legends is a bad idea so quit being a camper and waiting for enemies to cross your sights, and start planning out with your team and take up your role depending on the Legend that you are playing.
  • Healing at the wrong time- If your Health Points HP is low, you instantly use your medical kit or the Phoenix kit so that you can recover yourself. It is very common for majority of First Person Shooters (FPS) gamers knowing that an enemy might finish you off with a single shot, however, it is a bad idea. You are not required to have your entire HP or health bar even your shield to be fully recharged to help your team, like what is mentioned above, you play as a team, not as a single player, so you might want to save your med kit and your Phoenix kit for crucial situations. Before you decide to use it, make sure you reach a safer spot where you are free from enemy crosshairs. It would be motivating that your HP is full, however, instead of finishing your enemy, you just wasted your time healing yourself rather than chasing them down before they can reach his or her teammates to recover them or you have an apex legends coins hack where you can strengthen your Legend using apex legends free coins. Just imagine that using a Phoenix kit takes ten seconds to fully restore your health and your shield while the med kit takes up to eight seconds to use, and that is a lot of time that you have wasted rather than helping your team.
  • Not using your Legend’s tactical ability- If you are a noob, of course, it would fully understand that you choose the character that has the best aesthetics and skills, however, you failed to understand its role for your squad which might defeat the Legend’s purpose during the game considering that each of them have unique tactical abilities and an ultimate ability that must be used during the game in different situations, and instead of utilizing it, you made it passive because you are not that familiar of the character you are using.
  • Stop using sniper scopes- Sniper scopes are very tempting to use, however, you are just wasting your time using it. Unlike other FPS, sniping your opponents will not work effectively knowing that it is a fast-paced game that makes the movement speed of each player relatively fast which makes them easier to dodge sniper shots, not to mention the gap-closing abilities in Apex Legends like grappling hooks and other skills that makes snipers’ abilities completely obsolete unless your opponent is completely still and not moving a muscle or you are using an apex legends aimbot.

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