Free Install Fake Messaging Application


Pranking your friends has never been enough fun. You will always want to have some more fun in it. And when all the previous fun was not over, here is an all-new type of trick. Prank your friends with the fake messaging application on your phone.

More about It

You can use this application to prank your friends by easily luring them over a set of messages on your lock screen. In short, this app sends a notification on your phone which looks like same as the original message notification on your phone and so, it will be like making a fool of your friends with any message you want.

Instant message creation


There are many features to this application. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Instant message creation and pranking your friends with it.
  • The notification and the application are iPhone compatible.
  • You can set the application UI on your phone’s lock screen, making it more realistic and better.
  • You can even modify the sender of the message. Not just the message, you can choose and modify who sends you the message. In this way, you can easily fool your friends into saying them that you are acquainted with some of the celebrities and are receiving messages from them.
  • The UI of the application is very easy to use, and you can modify it however you want. The background of the application can be easily modified to as to look like your phone and so, you can easily hide it on your lock screen.
  • What more, you even can set the timing of the display of the message. And what’s more perfect and dramatic than perfect timing.
  • You can also save these messages and share them on social media to increase your fan following.

Final Verdict

The app can be easily downloaded. Although it is not available for android users, iPhone users can easily download it from the apple app store. It is a free install application, and if you want to access all the features of the application, you will have to buy the subscription of the application.