How to a suitable company renting a shipping container

How to a suitable company renting a shipping container

Shipping containers are used regularly by various specialists including builders, installers and contractors. Most businesses all across the globe are often in need of accommodation, or extra space to store their products. That’s where 20ft shipping container comes in. So, you can decide to buy or opt for rental shipping container.

Even though it might be advisable to purchase shipping container, but in most cases, they come at higher expense compared to hiring, given that you will have to spend some extra money for regular maintenance. That’s why most business persons opt for rental shipping container. Here are several reasons you should choose rental shipping container than purchasing one: 

Useful for different purposes

Most businesses like schools and hospitals hire modular, cabins and container for office, workspace and storage. Sports clubs usually use little portable, modular structure, cabins for either washroom, changing room or even shower facility.

Suitable for temporary use

Shipping containers are typically hired for a few weeks or even more extended period. They are often fitted with locks and lockbox. Shipping container usually varies with different colors, and that’s where re-painting charges are incurred. You should therefore prefer renting a shipping container than buying one.

Strong and durable

This point goes for both buying and renting a shipping container, but you should know how to choose the right shipping container since containers usually come with bad quality or damaged. A suitable shipping container should be robust, waterproof and secure. They typically come in different sizes and lengths; it, therefore, makes them ideal for shipping and storage purposes. Here are different types of shipping container you should choose depending on the purpose it meant to serve:

  • Dry ISO
  • A thermal or insulated container
  • Tanks
  • Reefer or refrigerated
  • Platforms and Flat racks
  • Open top

Open top container

The open-top container is meant for shipping hard, tall, heavy and bulky materials. They are perfect for containing coal or grain. They can, therefore loaded from top to the end of the container.

Platforms and Flat racks

Flat racks and platforms are designed with no sidewalls, and they are suitable for shipping heavy machinery. Platforms ad Flat racks are open-sided, and end bulkheads are folded down, especially when the container is empty.


Dry ISO is a 20ft shipping container type of shipping container generally used transporting various products. Dry ISO container is usually loaded from end to end. They are entirely enclosed kind of shipping container. They are also recognized as cube containers. They come with a regular height of 6ins 8ft while high cube comes with a height of 6ins 9ft.

Reefer or Refrigerated container

Reefer or refrigerated container containers are typically used for sustaining chilled temperature while shipping. They have designed with refrigeration unit from top to end.