How to avoid from being tapped?


Though technology these days is developing so much, we have to use it only for good things and you should avoid it from using for bad purposes. It is in your hands whether to spoil or advance the society with the help of technology. One of the technology advancements that almost all people have with them is mobile phones. These days cell phones are being used to talk with others and not only for conversing but also to do anything and everything with our finger tips. People of all groups are now benefited using these devices and even kids who does not know to read and write can use this easy to use and easy to interact device.

scramblerzThere are so many feature that one can enjoy with a mobile device such as GPS tracking system, spending money with bank transactions, sending messages, and more. No matter how useful this device s, it is prone to danger. As we are signing up any website using your name and email address, if it is a good site it will keep your information safe and secure, unless your personal details can be given to other third party sites, so that they can hack your data.

If they come to know your name and number is fine but when it comes to photos, your contacts, bank account details and other crucial things, then, it is something you have to look deeply. When you hear any strange or weird noise while talking through your mobile, then you have to be careful, it may be a cross talk but not only the crosstalk. Also when your phone battery is drying too fast when you have not used it, then in this case, there is something fishy.  Have a look at this site, if you think that your phone is not secure and you are being wiretapped by someone else in some other location.