How to play golf? Fun and entertainment filled!

Playing golf is usually fun and entertaining with more relaxation for many people with competitive sports for many others. When learning to play golf, you need to be familiar with basic rules and the techniques used in the game to hit ball. It is helpful in obtaining the equipment and learning about top golf courses etiquette. Most of the gulf courses have a list of rules to follow. In that aspect, Palm Springs golf courses have few considerable rule and methods to follow while playing. This will help in playing the game safely without disturbing anyone. The method to play golf is explained in five simple steps. They are

  1. Learn the basic rules
  • Understand the object used within the game and get straight to the point of hitting the hole. The hole is marked with flag and makes best possible few shots to attain higher points.
  • Play the course within the order of holes through which the golf ground is structured. Every hole is the place where we start a course map and one need to be familiar in order to get along the course.
  • In a group of people take your turn without waiting for longer period.
  • Do not move ball on the course without proper perfect rule in gaming.
  • Once you hit every hole, keep record of each score and stroke.
  • Win the game with lowest score at the game ending.
  • Being a beginner, start playing in 3 par course.
  1. Set up swing
  • While playing, stand with knees and hips bent slightly and lean forward at hips to hit the ball.
  • Keep your club back and parallel to ground.
  • While moving to hit the ball, keep the club up at 90 degree angle.
  • Hit the ball with the force where you turn shoulders and bring club throughout the way higher.

Palm Springs golf courses

  1. Hit the ball
  • When you swing the club to hit ball, shift weight slightly to other side. This will help in balancing after a hit of ball.
  • While making your side facing the target, make contact with the ball and continue along straight hit.
  • After hitting the ball, do not limit the flow of hand. Extend both your arms and go through a full through
  1. Obtain equipment
  • Get minimum number of clubs for your need
  • Obtain tees and balls
  • Invest in golf bag and gloves
  1. Play with etiquette
  • While playing stay along with the group and do not rush to shot
  • Shout out fore, if there is a chance of ball hitting someone
  • Stay away from shots without interfering
  • Do not waste time in looking for lost ball more than 5 minutes