Lion dance life means awakening the lion – interprets meaning of life!

 Singapore one such city filled with world class attractions and fun adventures to experience. We cannot miss the famous Lion dance at Singapore.

The Origin of Lion dance- a brief history

The lion dance was introduced to Singapore by some of the Chinese migrants who had moved there in the late 19th century.

The traditional performance was used originally as to exorcise a demon called Nian from homes. The migrants had a belief that the demon created a havoc and the lion dance was performed to scare them away! How amazing is that, isn’t it? Moving on…

The dance troupe

It is said that at the Guangdong province, were every village has its own Lion Dance Troupe. The lion dance troupe is one of the most awaited thing that is cherished and awaited by everyone each year.

This dance is performed on every third day of the lunar year which is called as “XioNianzhao”- The day to worship gods and is also known as the Grain’s birthday. This fest is when the Cantonese pray for harvest with lion dances.

The lion dance is one of the most loved and cherished traditional customs during the spring festival. According to the data, since the year 1978 where there are almost 1,800 Lion dance troupes in the 17 countries and towns of Nanhai district, at Foshan city. These lion dance troupe performs some of the breath-taking lion dance with awe-inspiring appearance of a real lion.These troupes are famous for their amazing performances that begin with rousing drumbeats which is known as the “Awaken Lion or “Southern Lion”

The southern lion dance is the most popular style of performance, which is the speciality of Singapore.The lion dance is mainly performed to drive away all the bad luck and welcome good fortune. The lion dance troupes are usually booked for festive occasions like the Chinese new year and even an inaugural functions of stores and offices through-out the year.

It is a relentless pursuit of excellence that helps the dancer to reach the state of “Unity between the man and the lion” and to portray the combination of being wild and loved features the lion.

Booking this dance troupe is very easy, all we have to do some good deal of research as there are many dance troupes that are available but we all need only the best! So call Lion dance Singapore and enjoy a fun filled live performance!