Vivo Y30 is one of the best phones in the market right now under Rs.15000. It’s  decent price is one of the biggest reasons people should opt for it. The price is so reasonable that it won’t burn your pockets and it will also give you a nice experience of using a smartphone.

The phone has excellent picture quality which makes you happier. Picture quality is one of the most important things on any phone, as nowadays that is the main reason we all use a mobile phone. Every mobile phone is selected based on the picture quality because everyone likes taking beautiful photos and post them on social media. So it’s an all in one phone type and you will be very convinced once you start using it. It’s a great phone with excellent features and the latest technology.

The best thing is, it has a supermodel and it’s very sleek and beautiful. It’s lightweight so you won’t feel any weight while you use it and it’s a great phone for doing your video calls, interviews, blogging, watching videos, recording etc. Battery life is also excellent with a good quality of life. It provides a good battery life without any interruptions. There is no issue with the development sign as said in the beginning.

Latest design with the latest software and android model. You can use it whenever you feel like and you need not worry about the editing features which are inbuilt on the phone. Camera quality both front and back camera are excellent and will not disappoint you when you start using it.