Partial Moving Services

Umzugsfirma Basel

Movers have made the life easy for those who are looking to move into a new place. They do all the works which are required to be done while moving while you just sit back and pay them. Most movers charge sensibly. However, there are certain times when you feel that a full mover service is too much on your budget or you feel that you can do certain things in the moving work by yourself. In such situations, you can choose the partial moving services. There are partial moving services like Umzug Basel for different services.

Umzugsfirma Basel

Packing Services

Packing may seem easy to a lot of people but it isn’t actually. It is easy to pack the solid stuff. Al you need to do is rollthem put them in boxes and pack them up. But the main problem arises in the handling of the delicate and valuable items. You need to pack them with extra care and handle them safely. These workers are not possible by all the people apart from the professionals.

There are many professionals who have been doing these type of works for a very long time and they have the proper knowledge of handling different types of items and the method to handle them. You can contact them. You have to list them the items which you want them to pack and they would provide you a date when they can come and perform their work.

Loading and Unloading Services

If you can take care of packing, then it is all good. Then, you need to shift the packing onto the truck. You may have the patience and technique to pack but if you do not have the strength and technique to load the boxes onto the truck, you can hire workers for such services. They are only responsible for the load and unloading work if required. The workers whom you hire on the day when you are moving. They will load the packing onto the truck and unload it and shift it in your new place. Most of them charge an hourly basis and it is very cheap compared to a full moving service company.

Pickup and delivery services

These services do not get involved in packing and loading. Their work is to provide pickup and movers who would load and unload the boxes and drop them to the destination. If you hire them you do not need to hire a truck. You can leave the rest upto them.


You can choose the services based on your requirements and budget.