Pearls-How to Take Care of Your Precious Finds

Known to be one of the most sensual gems of all time, pearls flatter anyone who wears them. It not only makes you look attractive but it also gives you a different kind of glow that enhances your features. Did you know that pearls actually get their luster from the natural oils that the wearer excretes? These delicate gems from palm springs jewelry need to be delicately cared for, as well. Here are some of the things that you needto do to keep your pearls aglow.

What to Do

Don’t just keep your pearls inside your jewelry box. Wear them as often as you can. Storing these precious finds for a long time can actually damage it. After using them, make sure that you wipe off all traces of perfume or perspiration to avoid eventual discoloration. If you’re not using them, keep them away from other jewelries like diamonds or metals. Better yet, keep your pearls in chamois or silk.

What to Avoid

Hairspray and perfume can damage your pearls so make sure that you keep your gems away from these harmful chemicals. Additionally, perspiration can also cause discoloration so never wear your gems if you’re going to the gym. Some people checks the authenticity of pearls by biting it. Never do this as it will only result to scratches or dents. Do not store pearls in an airless container as will only dry out the gems and cause it to lose its natural glow.

How to Clean Pearls

Did you know that fingernails and pearls have the same resistance and hardness? As such, you can actually use your fingernails to clean out spots, dirt, or grime on your precious pearls. Never use a scouring pad or a brush to remove dirt. This will only damage your gems and leave it with scratches. Ammonia also damages pearls so never attempt to clean your jewelry with powdered soaps, detergents, or bleaches. Pearl cleaning should be left to the skills and expertise of professional pearl specialists.

How to Store Pearls

During the days when you’re not wearing your lovely pearls, make sure that you keep them properly. Place them in chamois or silk to preserve their color and luster. Do not store them with other metals as this will only result to scratches and scrapes on the pearl’s surface. Never hang your pearl bracelets or necklaces as this will eventually decrease thread elasticity.

Pearls are probably one of the most beautiful pieces of gems known to mankind. They enhance your natural features and add shine to your skin. To preserve your precious pearl’s color and luster, make sure you give it proper care.