The perfect short according to your body

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Fashion can be a great ally or your worst enemy, so it is essential to know how to choose what best suits you.In the case of shorts, special care must be taken as they expose the legs. It is not necessary to have them toned and thin to use them but it is necessary to take into account certain details of our body when choosing the model. Click here for shirt อ่าน ว่า.

Oval Body

This type of body is known for having an oval shape as its name says, its most prominent part is its central area, that is, its abdomen. Avoid shorts that contain any type of pleat or clip at the waist, since having that shape you are adding more volume to your body, instead of doing the opposite effect; opt for simple, dark colored shorts. Visit this site for shop online เสื้อผ้า.

Prefer those that fit at the waist, no shorts at the hip (the latter would only make your abdomen protrude), keep in mind that they are not too tight on the thighs. This will visually stylize your figure.

Triangle body

This body type also called pear is known because its hips are much more prominent or wider in relation to its shoulders. In short, your hips and thighs are much wider than the rest of your body.

The ideal shorts for your body type are the ones that are completely smooth, that is, without any adornments and others, since with this you will only be attracting attention to your hips.

Rectangular body

This type of body is known because both the top and bottom are practically the same. The ideal for this type is to add curves “visually” and this can be achieved with shorts that contain pleats, trims, pockets on the sides. It is preferable to opt for brightly colored ones. Remember any type of ornament will give you volume visually. And therefore form.

Say no to shorts that are too wide, as these will only make you look curvy. Take into account looking for those that adapt perfectly to your silhouette and that fit you perfectly.

Hourglass Body

This body is totally proportional in relation to hips and shoulders. Having a small waist and the rest of the body with fully balanced proportions, the ideal for choosing shorts that contain ties to tie around your waist, this will help you attract attention to that part of your body.

As for colors and designs, it is a free choice, just make sure that the pants are not completely straight cut, since with this type of pants they would make your curves not show off.