Profile picture

First impressions matter and in this case, what will attract people to you in the picture you use. You need to use a photo that will bring out your best features. If you need to use a professional photographer, do it. Many people use their selfies but sometimes, these do not come out so well and it may deter you from being noticed by others who are using the gay dating app.

Make your biography enticing

A great picture would be wasted if the people who get attracted to it come and find mediocrity written in your biography. It is very important for you to be as detailed as possible without being too wordy. You need to keep people interested in your profile. Many gays are actually very successful people who would want to mix with intelligent people. Even if they have not made it in life, there is a commitment level in gays which you would hardly find in other people. Maybe it is the drive to prove to those who look down on them that they are worth something. Either way, what you say in your bio will determine your success when using the gay dating app.

Do not limit your expectations in the person you are seeking

When using the gay dating app it is very important for you to be flexible on the attributes you are looking for in a person. Choosing to ignore a profile which is 90% what you are looking for because of the missing 10% is fool hardy. You may miss out on a great person because of the high expectations. It is good to have certain standards but you should be able to give in in some cases especially if someone else will be conceding the fact that you do not have all the attributes he seeks.

Be active

Some people put their profiles on the gay dating app and then they vanish. It beats logic, unless of course you have found your perfect match. This is a great way of building relationships and it may be best to stay in touch with some of the people you are communicating with because you never know what the future holds. Staying active when using the app means you will likely receive more likely matches than someone who disappears and only logs in whenever they remember to.