Tips to Care for Leather Car Seats

Care for Leather Car Seats

Leather seats are a luxury t have but it is important to maintain them regularly. Leather, being a natural material have the tendency to fade and crack because of the heat and UV rays. You need to take care of them by cleaning and maintaining them routinely to keep the good like of your car along with extending their life. All the tips found here are surely going to make your car seat more durable and keep the premium look intact. If your curiosity is more, you can go through


You can start by vacuuming the car seat for any dirt or debris. If you have never cleaned your seats or if it has been a long time that you have cleaned your seat, it is likely that there will be some dirt or pets accumulated under your seat. Vacuuming will keep the place cleaning by removing them.

Applying Leather Cleaner

There are leather cleaners available for cleaning your car seat. You can spray them on the surface of your car seat and use a brush with soft bristle to gently agitate around the affected areas. The most common places for the dirt to accumulate are the creases and corners where the hair and skin frequently come in contact with the leather.

Applying Leather Cleaner

Clean up the car seats using a clean and dry microfiber towel to remove the excess moisture from the seat. The seats are likely to remain damp if they are not coated. Drying usually takes from 1 to 24 hours before they are completely dried up.

Applying Leather Conditioner

You could use leather conditioner to apply them evenly onto the seat. Watch out that you do not have the conditioner accumulated in one place. Spread them around with even coverage. If the leather conditioner is good, it will make the leather moist and prevent cracking along with providing UV protection in maintaining the color. You have to wait for 4-6 hours for the seat to absorb the conditioner.

Wipe off the excess conditioner from the seat using a clean and dry microfiber and let them dry. If you spend a few months every 3-6 months will keep your seat longer and cleaner.


Leather needs maintenance, and if you follow these tips, then your car seats will look cleaner and your car will work fine for a longer period of time. All you need to do is spend some time on your car, cleaning and maintaining them.