What Is Steampunk Clothing?

Steampunk refers to a kind of fashion where in you bring together the dresses from 19th and 20th century Victorian ages and mix in elements of the Industrial Revolution in Europe that happened in the 1800’s and make a hybrid of the two. Steampunk was inspired and originated from fiction novels of the same genre and as IBM (International Business Machines) has declared steampunk to be the next big trend here are some ways that you can make your own steampunk dresses.

How to create customized steampunk clothing:

The following are really just some tips and the like for beginners who are just stepping into the steampunk world and would like some advice on how to create their own steampunk clothing:

  1. Understanding steampunk: It is quite simply a real world replication of fashion and clothes that are or could be found in steampunk literature.
  2. Start from Victorian: When you’re unsure of how to start simply begin with a basic Victorian dress and add elements of steampunk along the way. The Victorians were the first to capitalise steam punk technology in a way that drastically affected that certain era. This explains why much of steampunk fiction either happens in the Victorian world or is heavily inspired by it. If you feel like there is “too much Victorian” in your dress then there’s no need to fret you’re doing alright.
  3. There aren’t any steampunk colours as such: A lot of people believe that steampunk dresses have to be in a certain colour; usually black, brown, dark greens and purples and other gothic colours. However, virtually any colour can be taken to be steampunk (however one would draw the line at neon colours) as there would be a steampunk justification for almost all colours.
  4. Do not add or take away elements from a certain dress because you feel it isn’t steampunk enough: Steampunk fashion is all about engaging and delighting viewers. As long as your base clothes are steampunk it doesn’t matter what accessories you add to it. There is no need to wear brass goggles, if they clash with your outfit, simply to make it clear that you’re wearing steampunk.