What’s Skrill – Some Important Facts

What’s Skrill – Some Important Facts

Skrill, earlier known as the Moneybookers, is the secure and fast digital wallet, and all you will need is the email address & password to deposit in the mobile and online casino.

Deposit Easily and Immediately with Skrill

This makes depositing & withdrawing your money fast, simple, secure and safe. Probably the highly used gambling wallets by the global casinos online, you will be very hard-pressed in finding the casino online that does not have Skrill as the best depositing option. The mobile casinos are also starting to favor this, as it is the easier way of depositing or transferring your money (needing email & password) than writing out the credit card details that will be highly cumbersome on the smaller touch screens.

Generally, Skrill digital wallet allows you make the money transfer in your ‘e-wallet’, thus you just have to give out your credit card information to Skrill and nobody else. Casinos do not see your details, and all are kept by them safely, and giving you complete peace of mind as well as online anonymity. Doesn’t matter what reputation of any shop online, there’s always the security risk whenever you give out your bank information online. It is unlikely, but it is always good to be safe than sorry.

What’s Skrill – Some Important Facts

Getting the Skrill account is equivalent to get free bank insurance – and chances are, nothing can ever happen, however, by getting an account this gives you complete peace of mind, which you do not have to.

Important features of making use of Skrill to deposit:

  • High encryption ensuring safe and secure payments
  • Instant access & money transfers
  • Exclusive offers with mobile and online casinos
  • Email & password protected
  • International money transfer – you can pay with local currency, even though casino does not accept it.
  • Free and safe storage of money
  • Apply for Moneybookers MasterCard
  • Deposit money very safely

Opening your Skrill account gives you an access to service and Skrill wallet (and whose review you will find at an end of a page). The Skrill Money Transfer will be fast, easy and inexpensive way due to their attractive costing, fees and exchange rates.

You may easily send money internationally by Skrill Money Transfer as well as fund your payment through debit card, credit card, SOFORT and bank transfer, which depends on where you are located or currency you are using. Beneficiary will choose to get funds straight in their bank account, though receiving money in the mobile wallet is one option for the small countries.