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A garage door gets damaged over the years. Garage doors are often used even when you do not realize it. The durability of the garage door depends on a lot of factors. You should check its condition and keep it maintained to extend its life. A replacement is usually needed if there are issues. This includes safety and security breach, malfunction, and tarnished aesthetics. How do you know if you need to replace it already? Or if a repair could still save it?

Wear and tear

The garage door is usually the main entry and exit to the house by most of the modern families. A lot of wear and tear on the garage door are common. The more frequent you use the garage door, the quicker it gets damaged. You should ensure that it is often maintained. Consider replacing it if it gets stuck or breaks once in a while.

Storm damage

Hail and strong winds during a storm damage the garage door. Metal or steel garage doors often get dings and dents. These are minor damages that you could ignore. Steel insulated garage doors will withstand wear and tear longer. They are stronger and more durable. Check if the opening and closing of the garage door get compromised. A replacement is necessary if that is the case. If you have a wooden garage door, it can rot with heavy rain. A strong wind can make it crack or splinter. And hail can put holes in it. These are major damages and mean you need a new garage door.

garage door repair st charles mo

Safety and security

You should feel at ease when you are in your own home. The feeling of safety and security must be there. You can get anxious when you hear unpleasant and unknown noises from your garage door. If you feel that there is something wrong then you should check it out. There is a possibility that a safety feature is missing. It is also possible that the door is opening and closing because of a malfunction. Someone may get hurt and your home becomes vulnerable to theft. It is best to replace the garage door if this is the case.

Upgrades and features

Older garage doors do not have the upgrades and features of newer ones. Better insulation quality helps you save on your heating and cooling costs. It also provides more comfort if you intend to use the garage as a workspace or play area. Remote access and monitors are some useful features. It can give you the comfort and ease of checking what is happening even when you are away. Newer operators produce less noise. A lot of new garage doors offer a backup battery system in case you lose power.


Older garage doors do not look as beautiful as newer ones. The garage is usually the first thing your visitor sees. A garage door replacement is worth it. Garage doors now have a lot of design styles and window styles. It also comes with different finishes and colors. Why not replace your old bleak garage door with one that matches the style of your house?

Replace your garage door if you need to. Do not compromise the safety, security, convenience, and aesthetics of your garage door. There are many shops that offer free service when you buy your garage door from them. CheckĀ garage door repair st charles mo for installation and repair of garage doors.