Zhangjiajie- Knocking the Heavens Door

Zhangjiajie tour package Singapore

You are welcomed in a world where real life is inspiring the fantasy. It was made famous by the worldwide hit Avatar. Zhangjiajie is the other fantasy world which is as shown in the film. But it is even more when the travelers are getting the experience of the stunning landscapes which are facing together back to back. There are also the tribes, fables, cultures and various inspiring stories that are locked in this wonderful world of nature.

From the beginning of time, it is home to the Wulingyuan, who is the pillars of striking sandstone. The ancient tribes like Bai, Tujia and Miao are also located in this area. Zhangjiajie is the must-visit place for the lovers of nature and regular travelers. In this place, you will get the surprises that are beyond the usual. Just plan a trip to this fantasy world and you will also get the mythical touch. Customized Zhangjiajie tour package Singapore is specially designed for the travelers.

Beautiful Mountains

Mountain of Tianmen is the blockbuster in the scene. When you will reach on the top of the mountains then you will get a precious panorama of the Zhangjiajie. There are also plenty of highlighted which are coming along on the way. There is also the longest aerial tramway which is overlooking the lush valleys in the mountains. There are also 99 bends, and the cliffs which are hanging in all the walkway.

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